Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Dear guys thank you very much for sharing your time with us. Congratulations for your debut album...
Thank you very much!!
First of all, how do you feel with it? Now that your album is complete, what do you think about it and what feelings trailed its release?
We feel good! Recording a full-length album, it was always our main priority, something that we wanted to do in the past, but we couldn't due to financial needs. We are really happy that finally came out.
Can you give us a few details on the recording process? As far as I know part of it, it was recorded and mastered abroad, am I right?
We did the recordings in Greece with Stamos Koliousis (Mencea, 210 Studios) and Steve Dickins (STV Studios) in 3 different cities because we wanted the raw materials to be good. We've spend almost a year for that but it was great and funny. Stamos and our guitarist Dimitris have worked together for the final mix of the album at 210 Studios (Berlin) and the mastering was done by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studio in Finland.
What forced you to seek for such an alternative option? Do you believe that the environment here in Greece is not the appropriate?
Well, Mika has worked with bands like Nightwish, Children Of Bodom, Moonspell, Apocalyptica etc. and we all knew that the results couldn't be less than awesome so our decision to work with him was just an easy, obvious and the best choice for the band. We don't have anything with the Greek environment, but there are not so many people with a huge experience to our style and we didn't want to waste a lot of money until we find someone good.
Also do you believe that managing the production in this way the album gains an added value due to the names associated with the recording and the mastering?
Sure it does. But that’s not the point, is it? Finding the right person to work with is the key element for L.O., and especially when it comes down to sound production. Being pleased with the result is all that matters for us. Working with Mika J. was an experience and we are really pleased with the result. We hope you are as well... :)
Why "Feltia"? What does "Feltia" means and what are the lyrical themes that the album treats?
"Feltia" derives from the words "feel" - "fall" and "fault" and defines the human psychic situation when a person is melancholically and emotionally charged. Lyrically we inspired from human psychology, moments in everyday life and people’s behavioural feelings so the title of the album was sound perfectly with everything we wanted to pass with this album. It's not a concept, every song is unique and different …there is no any concept behind the album. Some of the material was written in different periods than other. It took us some months to refresh and rearrange it, so it does fit well with the rest.
Would you say that Luna Obscura is part of some scene? Is there a "school" you would say that you follow and you feel more comfortable in?
We always were being part of the atmospheric death/gothic metal style with male brutal and female vocals. Our music has something from the old gothic sound and something from this age, it's really difficult to do something like this without be another copy of the most famous bands. We’re trying to be ourselves, this is really important for LO. Some of our melodies have taken a darker path over the years, but we are still in the same genre.
How come and you didn’t release "Feltia" from a label? Did you enter in the process of searching for a contract?
We mostly do things on our own, we didn't want to have any pressure or deadline for this album. After the release we've been approached from couple of labels but we didn’t end up on an agreement. Now we feel ready for this and we have found a label that we can proceed on a great agreement. The name of the label will be officially announced soon.
Which is the track that you like the most from "Feltia" and why?
It's really difficult to choose a song from your own album; we all have put ourselves into this so we love every song. Would be better and more interest if we ask the audience.
Can you tell us if the current line up is capable of hitting the stage? Do you plan any gigs to support "Feltia"?
Yes we are planning to make some gigs this fall not only to promote "Feltia" but also for us too because we want to do that for a long time. We have session members for the gigs and this period we are taking the time to make rehearsals so there will be any problem on the stage.
How did you come in this cooperation with Andy from Mencea? Do you plan something similar in future albums?
Andy is a good friend of the band for some years. The time that we’ve recorded in Athens he was the vocalist of Mencea. We had a song with different vocal lines from the others and the idea to put his attitude and performance into the song, came in a friendly mode. Hopefully the results was really good. We don’t know if we’ll do something similar in the future, it depends of the moment and the music too.
Speaking of future albums, do you have any plans or is it too early for such thoughts?
We have some ideas for the next album but it's too early to talk about this. For us it’s more important to promote "Feltia" album with every way that we can.
Dear guys, this is the end of our interview. Thank you very much for our discussion and we wish you all the best.
Thank you very much! Rock on Metal Perspective.
Interview by Giannis Tsakonas


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