Thursday, November 30, 2023

Metalzone (9.0 / 10)

metalzoneNormally I should, since it became a trend for a modern band to have operatic female vocals on their ranks, point out the reasons why someone should listen to Luna Obscura.
The reasons that make this band stand out from the rest of the bands serving the genre. I will be brief: the band exceeds every expectation...
Apart from the fact that the compositions are excellent something that really steals the show is Gogo Melone’s outstanding vocals which along with the brutal death growls and baritone clean create a perfect atmosphere prevailing on the compositions.
The production is in very good levels giving the tracks the space they need to really stand out. The band members themselves seem to be doing really well, not only in composing but in performing their music as well, though, is really hard to make a difference when you serve a genre brimming with such bands. Luna Obscura seems to make it through. I won’t waste my time in writing more details as I think that their music speaks by itself. Listening to an album like this is not optional for the fans of the genre. It’s essential.

Rating: 9.0 / 10


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