Thursday, November 30, 2023

Metal Hammer GR (8.0 / 10)

hammer"In nowadays metal scene the combination of female and brutal male vocals accompanied by atmospheric keyboards has become a cliche. But there are always some exceptions.
Here is a definite one for you. Why?
Initially because Luna Obscura are straightforward!... 
mETAL hAMMERThey have a clear vision on what they are doing which keeps them determined and precise on their work. Furthermore because LO know how to compose their music. Their music is mature with all musical elements and structural basis being nicely placed and well-arranged. Above all worth mentioning are the amazing siren melodies undertaken by Gogo’s vocals.

Frankly this genre was not much to my taste but certainly “Feltia” made me reconsider, enjoy and appreciate. Personally it reminds me of early Theatre of Tragedy with a fair amount of The Gathering (era "Mandylion").
Luna Obscura are really worth to check. Their debut album “Feltia” will be soon available in music stores. Do not miss out..! This is a diamond..!"
Rating: 8.0 / 10


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