Thursday, June 08, 2023

Nancy Luke Webzine (9.5 / 10)

I was sipping my green-tea this evening, when I found about this band. Looking at the pictures they had and then I found a female-fronted woman, I was like “Ok! I’m a young-lady and I’m into anything that has to do with any woman (Girls rocks) so I decided to check this band and this is what I found out about them.
Every now and then we hear of a unique band that comes out of nowhere, or there could be there but we don’t know about it (sad, isn’t it?). This here-band is one of these bands that you have been looking for.
LUNA OBSCURA is a Greek Gothic Metal band (although I find it difficult to classify them & their music). You can describe them best (vocally) with a mixture of an angelic female vocaling and brutal male vocaling. I guess this kind of singing really gets me. But this kinds of vocaling really served them well. I think it gave them the chance to express their music fine.
The sounds are great, professionally done. I wasn’t surprised to know that Mika Jussila was the one who was behind mastering their tracks. The man has worked with too many great bands, SONATA ARCTICA, MOONSPELL, NIGHTWISH, TO/DIE/FOR… and many others… what would you think you were going to hear? Of course, perfection. I guess LO are one of these bands that are so easy to accept anything from.
They have style, attitude, presence and above all talents. People who are fans of bands like TRISTANIA and so, would love this band. I hope this band really would be here to stay because they are really amazing, and I guess they are my new favourite band of 2009.

Rating: 9.5 / 10


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